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South Dallas

Parent Coalition

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Too often adults, decision-makers, educators, and even parents and caretakers prioritize our needs and egos in conversations on education and schools. We center the experiences and needs of our children first.


Children are humans first. Their role as students and our roles as parents and caretakers are secondary to our basic needs for safety, shelter, food, and human connection. Education exists only to ensure long-term well-being and cannot be an impediment to it.


Safety means the protection of children's bodies. It also means protecting their hearts and minds. What we know is when all people feel protected, everyone is safer.


When you move, we move, just like that. We are here to communicate with our children and make sure they have what they need to be successful in their educational journey. Our group is designed so that everyone receives needed support, and is able to provide it in return.

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Our Methods

Systems change

We want to create long-term change by addressing the policies, practices, and people who most impact our children.

Training & Organizing

Monthly School Board preparation trainings and policy organizing.

Direct support

While systems our changing, we want to support each other and our children with the urgent issues faced everyday in schools.

(Based on capacity) provide policy consultations to support parents when their children are facing major on-campus issues. In some occasions this may include in-person advocacy and support.

Consultation & advocacy

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Our FOcus

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communication, communication, communication

equitable outcomes

safety over discipline

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About Us

In 2018, Billy Earl Dade Middle School in South Dallas rolled of off the ACE program designed to get underperforming schools back on track. ACE offered additional personnel, stipends to support more extended hours, and wrap-around services and courses.

The loss of those resources resulted in 70% teacher turnover, safety issues on campus, and a deep sense of loss for students who had experienced the investment of ACE. Ms. Wallace and Robbie met when both of their children began to experience the uncertainty of that year through the PTO.

As a result of their experiences and witnessing the experiences of other parents, they have since worked to support parents in advocating for their children formalizing their work in early 2023 through the South Dallas Parents Coalition (SDPC).

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Telling our stories to get what we need.

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register to speak

  • A resident desiring to address the board must register to speak no later than 5 p.m. on the day before the meeting with Board Services at (972) 925-3720 during regular office hours. No registrations shall be accepted after 5 p.m. the day preceding the meeting. Only those who are properly registered may address the board.

  • Copies of any handouts for the board are to be handed to staff prior to the beginning of the board meeting.

  • Only one person may approach the microphone and only the person at the microphone will be allowed to speak, with the exception of interpreters. There will be no substitution of speakers.
  • Residents and visitors who have signed up to address the board are allotted three minutes to speak.

  • Groups consisting of two or more people shall appoint one person to present their views before the board.

  • For more on policies regarding addressing the board, visit Dallas ISD Board of Trustees Policy Online at
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